Ticket control options

Ticket checking equipment

Mobile devices with 4G network connectivity can be ordered to check tickets on the spot. Scanners can also be ordered. Access to a Wi-Fi network is required to use multiple scanners. The service and hardware can be ordered from the Project Manager.

Ticket scanning app BILIETAI SCAN

Thanks to the BILIETAI SCAN ticket scanning application, event organisers can easily scan their tickets for events distributed via Bilietai.lt. The app is extremely simple and intuitive, designed based on the best user experience (UX) practices. The app works in online mode (mobile internet / WiFi).

How to use the app

Scanned ticket reports

A page created for the convenience of the organisers www.bilietaiscan.lt provides real-time scanning of ongoing events, analyse attendance at past events, download reports and more, change scanning rules.


For more information, please contact the Project manager


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