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Want to sell a new event? Need help pricing your event? Want advice on choosing the right promotional package? Are you planning to organise on-site ticket sales? Do you want to communicate important information to ticket holders? A Project Manager can answer all these and many other questions about event organisation and marketing. Our Project Manager is your go-to person at to discuss, plan and successfully implement projects. With years of experience in entertainment and advertising, project managers are the heart of They are with you from start to finish. They are constantly monitoring the situation, ready to answer your questions and make suggestions.

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We are interested in good sales for your event.

Ticket brokerage hosts more than 6000 events per year. We provide convenient ticket purchasing both online and at sales points throughout Lithuania. Our ticketing system supports modern and universal payment methods, including credit card payments. Customers can insure their tickets.

Project management

We take a personal approach when dealing with organisers. No organiser is too small for us. Our project manager is your go-to person at to discuss, plan and deliver successful projects.

Active marketing

We will help you promote the event through all channels. We can also help you with your advertising campaigns.

Special solutions

We tailor the sales process to your needs. Our list of special solutions includes dynamic pricing, discount codes, pre-sale campaigns, ticket personalisation, season tickets, CRM customer management, serial tickets, sponsor and VIP packages, registration and RSVP features and more.

Data analysis and reporting

We create sales reports of varying levels of detail. We can help you configure reports and sales statistics to suit you and your artist. We understand visitor preferences and behavioural patterns - who buys tickets, when and where.

Smooth ticket control

We have 18 years of ticketing experience. We know how to ensure a fast and smooth ticket check. We believe that a positive event experience starts at the door.

Ticket sales in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

We provide coverage, cross-selling and customer service throughout the region. Our data shows that major events in Lithuania are well attended by foreign visitors. We communicate with you and your visitors in Lithuanian, Russian and English.

Correct processing of personal data

We comply with the requirements of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Organiser F.A.Q.

How much do services cost?

We have a range of sales and promotional opportunities and solutions for both larger and smaller organisers. With the help of a project manager, you will find the best solution for your event.

Can I sell tickets directly on my website?

Yes, the organiser has the possibility to integrate the shopping window widget into their website. This service is free of charge.

Can I book tickets and issue invitations myself?

Each organiser has the possibility to book tickets, issue invitations or set ticket prices and send them directly to the customer's email.

Do you have a venue plan?

The organiser will provide the project manager with information about the venue plan and we will organise ticket sales accordingly. We already have plans for most of the venues. If the event is organised under special arrangements or if a completely new venue is chosen, we will also need to be sent a site plan.

How do I create a discount code? Can I find out later how many tickets have been purchased with a discount code?

To create a discount code, the project manager needs to specify the name of the discount code, its value, and a time/quantity limit. We can also create personalised discount codes. We will also send you a report on the purchases made.

How are tickets sold at the venue? Do I need to organise anything as an organiser?

The organiser can sell the tickets themselves through our system or order the service from

How are tickets checked?

Organisers can rent ticket scanners from or use the Bilietai scan app on their phones.

How does checkout work? issues a monthly commission invoice for the previous month's sales, which is offset against the tickets sold. The balance of ticket sales will be transferred to the organiser on Friday of the week following the event.

Can I receive ticket revenue before the event?

Ticket revenue can be collected before the event if the event meets certain criteria. For more information, please contact our Project Manager.

What happens to sold tickets if an event is cancelled or postponed? will be able to issue refunds to purchasers at the organiser's request. " will take care of communication with the customers in this case. If the event is postponed, the tickets purchased will automatically be valid for the new date and will not need to be changed.

I would like to contact ticket buyers. What should I do?

The GDPR rules do not allow the transfer of this data to third parties. We do not prohibit communication with ticket buyers, but the information can only be communicated through and our project manager.