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Event management

After entering BO:

1. The event name must be case-insensitive and the administrator will check that the event name is entered correctly (e.g. The administrator will check that the event has been entered (e.g. quotation marks (" ") must be replaced by apostrophes (" "), and there must be a space after punctuation marks). The name should also be as short as possible to avoid problems with the format. A long name must be written on two lines of the ticket form (maximum 40 characters per line), otherwise part of the name will be used for the printed part. If the name of the event changes after the event has gone on sale, this must be reported to the office (for accounting clarity).

2. A category must be added to the event - the more specific the better.

3. When entering event information and prices, enter a description of the event in the "Description" field and the price information for the event in the "Price information" field.

4. The event must be accompanied by the event organiser (otherwise reports will not be counted).

5. Add the ticket prices to the price area both in the admin centre and on

6. The new venue will be accessible ONLY by the office. The Administrator shall inform the Administrator and the Project Manager of the venue by email and, if the venue has seating, provide a floor plan of the venue with the seating layout.

7. If a group discount is planned, the administrators must be informed, as this must be indicated separately in the centre. This applies to both group and card discounts (regular discounts - students, pensioners, etc. - do not need to be notified).

8. If the organiser is a VAT payer, this information must be entered in the "show" data field "% VAT on tickets".

Entering events - information to be entered:

1. Information in Lithuanian - for the Lithuanian version of the website, information in English - for the English version of the website, etc.

2. Important: An event with information in English/Russian only will not be pre-sold.

3. If the concert is intended for a Russian-speaking audience, the title of the event must be written in "Lithuanian" / "Russian", and the title of the concert must be written in "Lithuanian/Russian (in Latin characters)". The title of the event must not begin with the Russian part.

4. If it's a festival, tick the "Concert-specific info" box to add a general image and information about the festival after the show, and a separate image and information for each added concert. This feature allows the customer to conveniently view the entire festival in one online shop.

5. A brief description of the event, including timing.

6. For different types of tickets, you must specify what they mean and to whom they apply.

7. If concessionary tickets are available, it should be specified who they apply to and under what conditions. It should also indicate whether the person is admitted free of charge.

8. A description of how to get to the venue, if needed.

9. If you are organising a multilingual performance/screening.

10. If there are screens on stage.

11. If there are areas of the hall where visibility is limited.

12. What about wheelchair access?

Event photo

1. If the event is in Russian, the poster can be in Russian, but the name, time and place of the event must be in Lithuanian.

2. With the correct information and ONLY the logo.

3. The promotional layout of the event in the programme and/or on the website must be a .jpg or .png image with dimensions 555x800px (aspect ratio 1:1.45).

What if an event is cancelled?

1. Set the event status to "Stop trading".

2. Give the office the right to redeem (Points of sale -> Other centres -> Redemption rights -> office -> Save as active).

3. Add a message to the service hotline, which must include the following message. Tickets will be available at all stores up to and including (end of redemption date), from. PDF tickets will be returned by the office (tel. +370 673 25153,"

4. Inform's Project Manager so that we can announce it on our website and add ticket returns to our outlets.

Latest updates to the sales software:

- New option "Add a barcode number to a ticket?" on the event ticket form - only to be filled in in case of a special arrangement, normally not filled in. Option to add a barcode number to the ticket in an additional line of the ticket text (required for certain promotions).

- The spelling of event titles has been changed for Russian-speaking viewers. According to the new agreement, the title of the programme should be written in "Lithuanian/Russian" and the title of the concert in "Lithuanian/Russian (in Latin characters)". In any case, the title of the event must not start with the Russian part.

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