Advertising on salespoint displays across Lithuania

Why advertise on salespoint monitors?

In addition to online advertising space, we also offer the opportunity to display your event on 150 box office screens across Lithuania. Tickets for events can also be purchased immediately at the same locations, so video advertising on box office monitors is a very good and direct way to remind culture lovers about upcoming events.

Advertising at "" salespoint

Adverts are displayed on screens as video clips or static images. On average, one advert is shown every 3 minutes. We guarantee 14,400 impressions per day and more than 100,000 impressions per week.

10-sekundilise klipi ühe nädala hind on 60 €.

20-sekundilise klipi ühe nädala hind on 120 €.

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Lisainformatsiooni saamiseks palume pöörduda projektijuhi poole või kirjutada aadressil


10 sec.

20 sec.

1 week

80 €

160 €

Technical requirements (for video)


10 sec. or 20 sec.


1280px (width) x 1024px (height)


Clip broadcast without sound


mp4 / mov

Technical requirements (layout)


1280px (width) x 1024px (height)


jpg / png

Prices are exclusive of VAT.

Advertisement opportunities

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Contact your project manager for advice

General rules for advertising services

  • must be acknowledged in promotional material, using a logo or text, as a company providing a ticketing service.
  • The promotional material must be submitted by the deadline set by the Project Manager. Unless otherwise stated, no later than the Thursday before the booked period. In the event of delay, reserves the right to cancel the order and claim a refund of up to 50% of the price of the advertisement/service ordered.
  • is not obliged to provide advertising services if the advertising is not presented in a form and content acceptable to
  • Promotional material that does not comply with the requirements of the Law on Advertising or the Law on Language in force in Lithuania, or that mentions not only, but also other companies or persons providing ticketing services will not be accepted.
  • reserves the right to refuse to reserve advertising space.
  • reserves the right to change the price list.