Shopping cart widget

The shopping cart widget can be used to sell tickets via the organiser's own website. The widget can be integrated into the website structure and design elements. Tickets are purchased directly from“ server and is reflected in the event's sales reports. We offer different types of shopping cart widgets.

The service is free.

Event sale integration in website
It's very simple - in your website add provided code block in desired place (result can be seen on the right)

<script src=""></script><div data-widget-id="[customer_widget_id]" data-widgetautoload="true" data-lang="eng"></div>

Event sale view in pop-up

Add provided code block in desired place

<script src=""></script><input type="button" data-widgetpopup="true" data-widget-id=[customer_widget_id] data-lang="lit" value="Click me">

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